Christelle is a Johannesburg based interior designer.
She has and is still dedicated to deliver the best quality designs and decor to her clients.
From luxury to industrial, to Scandinavian, to modern, contemporary, tribal, bohemian, farmhouse… she delivers.

She believes that your home or workplace should be a réflexion of the owner(s) personality(ies) enhanced.It should tell a story, your story. Her ideal words to clients are: « your dreams, our achievement.

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testimonials -

The glass house

Project 1

- The Glass House

The glass house was inspired by both commercial and luxury finishes. With infinite glass being the focal point, you should feel like you are leaving with the nature.
It’s a very contemporary modern style and every pieces added should be complimentary and not steal the show of the views.
The materials used are solid and it’s a « venez voir ». The architect and developers really boost of their réalisation.

The Parisian inspired penthouse

Project 2

- The Parisian

is a beautiful penthouse in a beautiful neighborhood. The owner wanted a different feel than the others.
The inspiration was Paris apartment.
The heavy moldings and panels, the Most prédominent hue being white gives it that feeling.

The accessories complimented the whole decor, the soft colorful flowers, the tribal look with the art paintings, the different textures (Oak wood on the dining wall)…
The whole look was there to give that warm Parisian feel.


Other clients house

Project 3

the sneak pic at other clients imageries are just an indication of the different styles designed



Our aim is to make your home functional at the same time create an illusion of comfort, luxury, timeless and warmth.

  • Virtual and physical consultations of your space. 
  • Personalize your space from the floor plan to the elevations
  • Design, conceptualize and execute Offices, residences, institutions, commercial spaces within the time scope and budget. From big to small interiors
  • Construction administration and coordination
  • Staging your home for you and work with architects
  • Space planning
  • Project management
  • Goods purchase, shipping, and installation
  • Color consultation
  • Window treatments
  • Lighting placement